4 Ways to Harness a Growth Mindset to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

By Kristel Bauer


Founder of Live Greatly, Corporate Wellness Expert

We all have experienced that inner critic holding us back. That voice telling us that we aren’t good enough, that we will fail and that we should give up.

This is a normal part of being human. But as you enter into a new year, you don’t need to let those fears stop you. You can become your own biggest advocate. You can reframe your internal voice to one that supports you and a bigger vision for your career and your life.

Here are four ways to begin to harness a growth mindset to support you in getting to where you really want to be while embracing the journey and the inevitable ups and downs along the way.

1. Get clear on what matters to you

Life can get busy, and at times you may find yourself just going through the motions, being disconnected from the bigger picture and your personal mission. When was the last time that you reflected on where you are at in your life and whether you are on a path that is fulfilling to you? Give yourself permission to check in with yourself and make it a priority to do this on a regular basis. Ask yourself: What are the most important things to you? Look at how you are spending your time. Are you making the moments in your life high-quality moments? Once you get clear on these things, you will know where to focus your time and energy for maximum happiness and fulfillment.

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2. Create habits that fuel your happiness and success

Sometimes your everyday patterns and habits can be fueling a disempowering mindset and stress. Something as simple as grabbing your phone right after you wake up to check your messages and notifications can be setting you up for being in a reactive and stressed state throughout the day. Powering through your workday without taking breaks. Lack of exposure to sunlight and the outdoors. Poor eating habits and minimal movement. These are all things that could be taking a toll on your mind and body. The good news is that once you have an awareness of your personal habits and patterns, you can then choose to take a new approach. You aren’t stuck with behaviors that don’t serve you. By building awareness and then making small changes you can set yourself up for feeling your best at home and at work. What is a new healthy behavior that you are excited about that you can start today?

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3. Try reframing

Your mind is a very powerful tool that can support or hinder your success and happiness. There are always multiple ways to perceive and interpret events and experiences in your life and multiple ways to respond to what life presents to you. When you embrace a growth mindset, you are choosing to view challenges as opportunities for growth. You are looking at things with a sense of curiosity and newness. I like to ask myself the question, how can I view this in a way that is empowering for me? So instead of fueling a limiting belief like, I’m not good enough, you could reframe this to I’m still learning and I am proud of the progress I have made so far. Embracing a growth mindset also takes self-compassion so remember to be kind to yourself along the way and show yourself the love and grace that you deserve and need.

4. Set approachable goals and celebrate the everyday wins

Setting large goals is great but they do require time, persistence and patience. Without daily motivation and encouragement, it can be challenging to stick with them for the long haul. This is one reason why setting smaller and more approachable goals on a daily basis can help set you up for success. With these bite-sized goals, you will move step by step closer to your bigger vision for your life. And, enjoying the journey and giving yourself the positive reinforcement you need to feel your best and stay motivated.

Imagine someone who never runs saying they want to run a marathon. If all they focused on was that marathon, they would probably feel overwhelmed and not actually take the necessary steps to get to that end goal. Instead, if they broke that bigger goal into smaller goals like, for week one I am going to run one mile on Monday and Friday. Then build from there. They would have more approachable steps giving them positive reinforcement that would move them in the right direction. What are some meaningful large goals that you have that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces that you can start today?

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Embracing a growth mindset is not as easy as just flipping a switch. But with awareness, intention and action you can support your mind and your body in feeling your best while moving towards your version of success in 2023 and beyond.

Disclaimer: This content purely represents the opinion of the author and is not medical advice or treatment recommendations. Always talk to your healthcare provider about recommendations specific to you.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/

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