Karnataka to launch training programmes for 2 lakh teachers

BENGALURU: In what could be one of the biggest teacher training programmes by the education department, Samagra Shikshana Karnataka (SSK) is set to roll out Karmayogi Shikshak programme “with an aim to reawaken the pride of teachers”.

The programme is likely to cover around 2 lakh teachers from primary to high schools as per the National Education Policy. “It will ensure that students at all levels of school education are taught by passionate, motivated, highly qualified, professionally trained, and well-equipped teachers,” said an SSK official.
The department has called a tender for organisations that have been involved in teacher training for over eight years to develop a module for these teachers. The plan is to build a five-day module for master trainers and a two-day one for teachers. The department will use the module in future as well.
“Teachers’ personal beliefs and contextual factors play a critical role in how they are motivated. Teacher motivation is closely related to several variables in education such as student motivation/learning, the teacher’s own practice, the working environment at school, support from the functionaries, curricular expectations, their ability to fulfil them and so on. The teacher training programme will take into consideration all of this,” stated a document on the training programme.

The module will ensure the professional development of teachers, allow them to gain proficiency in active learning and inclusive approach to quality education, apart from helping them feel pride as an Indian teacher, the document stated.

Source: TNN

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